8 Feb: West Coast Wilderness Trail to Hokitika


We picked up the West Coast Wilderness Trail from the campground in Greymouth, and followed the route through 60 miles of dirt roads, beautiful single track, perfect double track, and even a suspension bridge. The path follows the coast for much of the way, cutting inland for some views of the mountains.

Cowboy Paradise

Cowboy Paradise


We stopped in a place called Cowboy Paradise for a ginger beer (a favorite beverage throughout our adventure). No more than a restaurant and some run-down buildings, we were glad to find a place to fill up on water.


Signs along the route warned that we were passing old mining sites, and a stretch of single track followed the Kaniere Water Race, built in 1875 to power area mining operations.

We arrived in Hokitika, grabbed a camping spot, and stood in the ocean – the powerful waves made us afraid to go in any deeper than that. After dark, we walked to the Glow Worm Dell and were surrounded by the twinkling of the famous worms.



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